About simulations

Imagine that you are hiring a pilot.
The candidate comes to the interview and says that he is a skilled pilot. He looks like a pilot, he is saying all the right things, and the hiring team likes him. But the real question is…’Can he fly?’

That question is resolved by putting him in a flight simulator. By doing that you can see him flying an airliner in a realistic and safe environment.

You observe the pilot’s behavior and skills while he is doing his job. In this way, you are making sure that he can do what he says he can, in real-time.

The simulation speaks for itself. The pilot’s behavior while executing the simulation is even more relevant to assess than the skills of flying.

The steps
As in aerospace and aviation, jobZimulator® gives assessments/simulations that bring forth real, genuine responses from the candidates during the interview. The method can be completed in 5 steps:

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Simulations for Executive Management and Experts within Life Sciences

A bad hire has more of an impact on disengaging other employees (lowering morale) and bad habit implementation (poor productivity) than monetary losses. Hiring the wrong leader or expert is the recipe for disaster. We help you get clarity on if the candidate has both the professional skills and ‘the human factor’ properties that are needed in order to attain and maintain success.

Simulations for Sales professionals

Imagine how being able to watch and observe your candidates during a sales call or how a manager behaves when coaching his people can add value to your hiring process, especially when it is done before the actual hire and not during the trial period.
Can the sales professional sell?
Can the manager manage and lead?
Or are they just champions in job interviewing