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At jobZimulator®, we all have broad experience from HR, recruiting, sales, compliance, and management. We specialize in methods that reveal the candidate's skills and behavior.
Our background and individual career path is the basis to understand your situation and challenges.


Lars Nyeland Kristiansen

Founder & Advisor

Lars’ expertise in observing and developing management and sales skill has he a.m.o. brought into play in his international work at Mærsk, Vestas, Dell Computer and Widex. Lars has worked with talent development, sales and recruitment in most of the world. He uses this experience when he develops job simulations. 


Kristina Hansen


Having 17+ years of experience within compliance and quality roles, Kristina realized that to reduce human error related findings, behavior was key! She then founded Milcor Consulting where she now advises organizations on how to change undesirable behavior within the workplace. Her experience within observing and analyzing behavior has been within the Education, Life Sciences, Transport, and Food Manufacturing industries.


Thomas Markersen


As a business psychologist Thomas has 15 years of experience with individual assessments, recruitment, and skills assessment. His expertise is among other things to assess the behavior in good sales management work. Furthermore, he has great experience in facilitating job simulations.


Moorten Wilkjer


Moorten's many years of experience in sales and sales management puts him into play in our own sales work and as a participant in our job simulations. With his great knowledge of which behavior and skills characterize the successful seller, he helps you set up simulations that clarify this.


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At jobZimulator® we are specialists in assessing, observing and training staff and management in an ethically sound manner.

We help you implement the necessary processes and give you the tools to take over.

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