We are challenging the conventional recruitment process…

… and the way relevant behavior is analyzed throughout the interview process.

The increased demand for efficient and effective executive managers, senior specialists, experts/professionals, and project managers makes it even more important to get it right the first time – it is just too expensive to start all over.

Who is jobZimulator®?

We are specialists in observing, assessing, and uncovering the candidate’s genuine behavior and skills through assessment centers and job simulations. We help you find out if the candidate can deliver what he/she says they can. Having the necessary behavior to be successful at the job is imperative and jobZimulator® takes a special focus on that as well.

To make it simple, we are here to assist you in reducing the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. A side effect from this is your organization saves both time and money in the process.

We are currently advising organizations within Life Sciences (i.e., Pharma, MedTech/Medical Devices, BioTech, Food Manufacturing), and Sales branches. We are also able to expand the scope of areas.
If your organization does not fit in the above domains listed and your organization finds that they are in need of guidance within assessing desirable behavior within interview candidates, feel free to contact us for a free initial assessment.

Jobzimulator® supplies an additional service to your current hiring process. If you need it, we can also help you improve the  hiring processes within your organization and give you the tools to maintain the improved changes.


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